China Open Top Container Manufacturers

China Open Top Container Manufacturers

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Container is a standard container used for cargo handling, divided into international standard container and non-standard container.

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Types of Containers

According to the use, generally divided into dry cargo container.
DC (dry container); Refrigerated container:
RF (refigerated container);
Tank container:
TK (tank container);
Flat rack container:
FR (flat rack container);
Open top container: OT; (open top container);
Hanging clothes cabinet:
HT, etc..
According to the box type, can be divided into ordinary cabinet: GP super high cabinet: HQ.

Open Top Container, often directly called OT. such as 20 feet open top container that is called 20'OT. Open top container is a special cabinet, as the name implies, the top is open, usually equipped with waterproof canvas cover and with wire sealing device can be loaded and unloaded frame. When the open top container is loaded, the top canvas will be rolled up to one end and the goods will be lifted into the box from the top by crane or other equipment, which is not easy to damage the goods and also easy to fix in the box. It is especially suitable for the goods which are not easy to be loaded by forklift, or not easy to be taken out at the destination port. For example, large machinery and equipment, overweight steel, wood, large-size plates, glass, etc.

Open Top Container Size

Open top container is the same size as other ordinary containers, but without the roof, it can be loaded with cargoes exceeding the height limit of other containers.

Size of 20' open top container
Internal dimensions: 5.893m x 2.346m x 2.353m

Door size: 2.338m x 2.273m

Top size: 5.488m×2.230m

Inner volume: 32 cubic meters

Weight: 30.48 tons of gross weight / 2.250 tons of container weight / 28.230 tons of load

Size of 40ft open top container
Internal dimensions: 12.029m x 2.348m x 2.359m

Door size: 2.338m x 2.275m

Top size: 11.622m×2.118m

Volume: 66 cubic meters Weight: 32.5 tons gross / 3.800 tons cabinet / 28.700 tons load

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