Can container play this way? Break through land restrictions, become a new bright spot

Can container play this way? Break through land restrictions, become a new bright spot

In recent years, the trend of popular tourism has been very obvious, but the public’s tourism demand is diversified and personalized, and the construction of containers in scenic spots can not only meet the diversified needs of tourists for accommodation, viewing and experience, but also help the project to break through the land bottleneck and restrictions. The material of the container itself has very good wind and rain resistance, and very individual. Therefore, the use of container creativity to enrich the scenic destination format has become the choice of many scenic spots and destinations.

So how should the idea container be played?

Container + park, to build a creative new node of the city

The flexibility and fashion of containers just meet the needs of the transformation of industrial parks. Under the condition that the land use nature of industrial parks remains unchanged, the use space of many containers can be increased, and cafes, bars, bookstores and other formats can be added to the containers. The entry of containers can not only enhance the fashion sense of the industrial park, but also enhance the popularity of the industrial park. At the same time, improve the efficiency of land use, increase the possibility of profit diversification.

Container + air corridor traffic, to build a fashionable architectural settlement

For larger containers, an air corridor can be built between containers, not only connecting the space between containers, but also becoming a cool scenery. In the case of forests, air corridors also help to protect ground space, avoiding the ecological pressure and land restrictions of ground transportation.

Container + office, build a suitable destination for business and tourism

For many entrepreneurs, to be able to work in the scenic area is a very comfortable thing. In recent years, container office areas have emerged in some cities, where many start-ups have settled, creating an entrepreneurial atmosphere, and such office areas themselves have become a part of the urban landscape.

Container + ecology, build mutual environmental protection atmosphere

Container fireproof, material will not constitute pollution, flexible loading and unloading. It is these characteristics that make the ecological scenic area with strict environmental protection requirements become a place where containers are piled up. From the aesthetic point of view, the fashionable and masculine beauty of the container can be contrasted with the feminine and simple beauty of the surrounding ecological environment, and the two complement each other.

Container + architectural mechanics to build a safe and reliable new urban space

Only after the preliminary mechanical calculation, can we carry out the container combination idea, otherwise, no matter how good the idea is, it cannot be landed. In addition to mechanical calculation, lightning protection should also be considered.

Container + glass to build a sunny and transparent space system

Cut out a space on top of the container or on the facade and install a glass interface. On the one hand, this design method can make the container more fashionable, on the other hand, it can also make the air inside the container more fresh, under the sunshine, so that the internal home environment is more warm.

Container + stairs to build a multi-level space system

If a container is regarded as a house, then, multiple houses stacked together, is a small building. Only need to build a staircase between containers, need to open the bottom of one of the containers, and then use environmental materials to build a staircase connecting the containers.

Container + container, build a rich functional system

The combination of container and container can form a very rich space system. Several containers can be put together to form a scenic gate, a small visitor center, a restaurant, or a small hotel. Smaller containers could form a toilet or a retail store.

Post time: May-23-2022

Main applications

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