Container transformation, cafe and architectural art encounter

Container transformation, cafe and architectural art encounter

When it comes to coffee shops, what else can you think of besides fragrant coffee? Romantic corner, petty bourgeoisie sentiment, quiet environment, gentle music… Even think of her fashionable decoration, warm small ornaments, but certainly can not connect the cold container with the coffee shop ~

One cozy and comfortable, one stiff and stiff,

Two very different things were put together,

Container transformation, cafe and architectural art encounter.

Although not yet a fashion trend, the container’s popularity is indeed increasing. Containers have been converted into homes, art Spaces, offices, and even people who have moved out of the city’s rented houses have teamed up to form a village of containers called Containertopia. Coffee shops meet all of the above requirements and are the only places where you can get relatively independent working hours. Now, you can also sit in the container cafe.

Stylist basically is given priority to with concise design concept, the luxurious and changeful that does not pursue material painstakingly in the design, emphasize a few kinds of specific material material is interspersed with each other however apply.

The history of coffee and the story of the Starbucks brand, along with the magnificent history of the world’s ocean shipping development. The containers are loaded with bags of green coffee beans shipped around the world, carefully roasted and eventually handed over to Starbucks baristas, where they are handcrafted into cups of flavorful drinks that unite people from different regions and cultures.

Starbucks’ first container store in Mainland China is located in Shanghai Wisdom Bay Science and Innovation Park, which used to be the warehouse of Shanghai Third Wool Textile Factory. Zhihui Bay Science and Innovation Park is adjacent to the Wenzao Bang, a tributary of Huangpu River. As a waterway that can be navigated by 100-ton cargo ships, containers are naturally the featured elements here. The new park, “built” by containers, is an innovative community full of youth vitality that combines science and technology with art.

Here, The Starbucks designer team designed and built a container store with a sense of modern art, which uses containers as the design carrier to tell the brand story and convey starbucks culture, and perfectly integrates into the daily life of community residents and office workers.

Post time: May-23-2022

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