Dry goods | container integrated design and build houses

Dry goods | container integrated design and build houses

Prefabricated building – Container integrated house
As countries continue to pay attention to environmental change, China has put forward the concept of green development with the goal of “carbon neutrality” in the past two years. For the construction industry, prefabricated building has taken advantage of the trend, among which the container integrated house is favored.

It’s economical, it’s faster to build, it’s green and sustainable. But for container houses to be more powerful and useful, they must be properly designed and built.

What are the ground requirements for container structures

1. Cast-in-place concrete pavement includes two kinds of unreinforced concrete and reinforced concrete, which is a rigid pavement structure. They have high strength, good water and heat stability. Smooth surface, good wear resistance, oil corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, under the action of strong load will not appear undulating deformation; Long service life and low maintenance cost.

2. Ring beam: The role of ring beam is mainly to adjust the possible uneven settlement, strengthen the integrity of the foundation, but also make the foundation reaction more uniform point. When the geological conditions are good, the ring beam can not be set up, but it is better to set up the ring beam from the connection of the structural column to form a complete weak frame and also for indoor and outdoor waterproof.

3. Steel structure cap, easy to construct, beautiful and generous.

Nowadays, due to its characteristics of low cost, speed, uniqueness, stability and mobility, container house has gradually been used in residential, hotels, shops, b&BS and other construction industries. Compared with traditional housing, container housing can provide people with more choices. Individuals, families and even an enterprise can get what they need. A house made of a steel box can also be full of artistic atmosphere, while saving environmental protection and time.


Post time: May-23-2022

Main applications

The main methods of using container are given below