40ft Shipping Container

40ft Shipping Container

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Container is a standard container used for cargo handling, divided into international standard container and non-standard container.

In order to facilitate the calculation of the number of containers, you can take 20ft container as a conversion standard box (referred to as TEU, Twenty-foot Equivalent Units). That is

40ft container = 2TEU

30ft container = 1.5TEU

20ft container = 1TEU

10ft container = 0.5TEU

In addition to the standard container, in the railroad and air transport also use some small containers, such as our railroad transport has been used for a long time 1 ton box, 2 tons box, 3 tons box and 5 tons box.

Tiny Maque can provide various types of containers, and can also provide customized solutions for customers. The design and production of the products comply with the relevant certification standards at home and abroad, and pass all kinds of strict tests, including simulation tests of the use of special containers under various complex conditions, to ensure that the boxes meet the harsh natural environment at the same time, the products are used to protect equipment, special transportation methods, oil exploration and other uses.

Product Features

1、the use of humanized manufacturing model custom-made with non-slip iron floor, container standard wooden floor, train container (bamboo rubber) floor, container standard wooden floor are outside in tung oil 48 hours shabu, its nature: wear resistance, toughness, sealing, anti-corrosion than conventional floor 3 times, the practical life of up to 25 years or more.

2、All the box surface are highly anti-rust treatment shabu-shabu treatment, the box body using weather-resistant container special paint.

3、the internal structure can be designed and manufactured according to the needs of the corresponding pre-buried facilities.

Types of Containers

1. General container: applicable to general cargo.

2. High container: applicable to large volume of cargo.

3. Open top container: suitable for loading large cargo and heavy cargo, such as steel, wood, machinery, especially fragile heavy cargo like glass plates.

4. Corner column folding flat cabinet: suitable for large machinery, yachts, boilers, etc.

5. Tank container: designed for shipping liquid cargo, such as alcohol, gasoline, chemicals and so on.

6. Ultra-high hanging closet: designed for non-foldable high-grade garments.

7. Freezer: specially designed for transporting food such as fish, meat, fresh fruits, vegetables, etc.

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