Container transport semi truck

Container transport semi truck

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The vehicle is used to transport 40 foot containers or non-dangerous tank containers. The total height of the frame at the traction pin of the container transportation semi-trailer is 140,150,160,180,200 mm, and the rear protection structure is selected. The air suspension is selected, and the closed or semi-closed fender and plastic mud retaining tile are selected. Wheelbase 7442+1310+1310 rear suspension 1440, wheelbase 7347+1310+1310 rear suspension 1760, wheelbase 7150+1310+1310 rear blast 1820, side and rear lower protection device material :Q235, are welded connection, Rear protective device section size width and height (mm)50x140, ground height :500mm, ABS system controller model CM2XL-4S/2K,.

The big frame punching and flapping has been awarded the national patent No. :201520024006.2, and the tail sign board has been installed. The model is :CWB-2. Optional side style; Optional front style; Optional rear style; Select girder special hole style.

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MSC9402TJZG container transport semi truck

Boundary dimension


Parking case size


Tatal mass


Rated contained mass


Curb weight


Rated passenger

The front passenger

Chassis and engine

Chassis models

Number of axles


Spread of axles


Number of tires


Tyre size

11.00R20  12PR,11R22.5,12PR,12R22.5

Fuel type

Emission standard

Engine type

manufacturing  enterprise displacement/rate of work/full throttle

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